Our goal is to build the next generation of transmission in the United States. And Exelon Transmission Company has the experience, resources and technology expertise to do so.

About Us

Our experience, resources and Illinois footprint provide competitive advantages

Exelon Transmission Company will develop new, state-of-the-art transmission lines to ensure power is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever it’s needed.

Formed in October 2009, we are a national venture seeking to capitalize on the growing national market for new transmission lines. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, one of the nation’s largest electric utilities with $19 billion in annual revenues. Visit Exelon’s Web site for more information about the corporation.

Addressing transmission needs
We are entering a market in which U.S. companies are projected to spend $60 billion to $100 billion on transmission development projects by 2020. New transmission projects have the potential to:

  • Reduce congestion
  • Improve reliability
  • Facilitate movement of renewable energy to population centers

Learn more about the benefits of new transmission.

Forming strategic partnerships
We are actively seeking partnerships with utilities, transmission developers, renewable developers, regulators and others who share our goal of building the next generation of transmission in the United States.

Contact us if you are interested in a partnership.

Offering a competitive advantage

Not only are we well-positioned geographically, but we have the experience, resources and technology expertise to be successful in the transmission business.

  • Our Illinois footprint is likely to be the “crossroads” of the nation’s new transmission system, just as it is for the nation’s railway and aviation systems. Illinois is ideally positioned to facilitate the movement of renewable energy from the Upper Midwest to population centers east and south of Chicago. We will put the people and companies of Illinois to work in the development of a new transmission system.
  • We have experience in transmission investment, owning, operating and maintaining more than 6,400 miles of transmission lines, including 90 miles of high-voltage 765 kV lines. Exelon, through its ComEd and PECO subsidiaries has invested more than $1 billion in our high-voltage transmission system since 2003, and we’ve had success with large and complex transmission projects.

  • Exelon Transmission Company also has the advantage of being part of a large, well-capitalized parent company. We can leverage Exelon’s vendor relationships and $3.5 billion annual spend to achieve economies of scale.

Providing experienced leadership

We have a fully dedicated executive leadership team and board of directors, who bring deep industry experience in all relevant facets of transmission development.

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